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Green Mountain

Green Mountain AS is a data center company specialized in delivering high-end data center services to demanding HPC customers around the world. The company currently operate two data centers in Norway; DC1-Stavanger at Rennesøy just outside Stavanger and DC2-Telemark at Rjukan. Both data centers are Tier III certified by Uptime Institute for design and facility, but could be built to any standard. Existing customers include banks, IT service providers, government agencies and large enterprises.

Satisfied customers are the most important goal of our business and data center services has been delivered with 100% uptime for more than four years. We are very transparent about the quality of our services to our customers as thrust is fundamental for our business. Security is at the highest level, and the company is ISO 27001 Information security management certified.

Operations are delivered by a very enthusiastic and skilled team of data center engineers and service managers. We aim to be the most professional data center operator in the market and encourage knowledge and training to raise the skill of our personnel. Operational efficiency is achieved through extensive use of automation, and a well built and maintained infrastructure that has a high degree of autonomy, fault tolerance, and self-healing capabilities. Green Mountain AS is ISO 9001 Quality management certified.

Our data centers are very energy efficient and use 100% renewable power combined with the lowest power prices in Europe, making them the greenest data centers in the world. ISO 14001 Environmental management certification is also in place.