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Tate Cantrell

Chief Technology Officer
Verne Global

Tate is responsible for setting the technical direction for Verne Global. He would say that it is his role to translate our mission into the products that create success for our customers. He believes that without strategy and philosophy, technology cannot create that success. Tate oversees the design and development of all aspects of our data center campus. Aside from his internal leadership, he enjoys exploring what's next through early-stage, industry related mentoring. His experiences and expertise range from system administration for high performance computing environments to facility construction management through to empowering operational excellence. Tate works at Verne Global because he loves to innovate and wants to ensure that tomorrow’s world is a better place for his children. A couple of little-known facts about him; he is a certified Arctic Engineer (who enjoys baking with Artisan sourdough) and he is a huge rugby union fan and maintains that everything in life should be compared with the feeling of dotting down a rugby ball over the try-line.  

The Evolution from Industrial Facilities to Industrial Computing 

  • Providing efficient access to industrial scale compute to facilitate new innovations in HPC and big data analytics
  • Using scalable computing solutions that keep their focus on innovation, not on infrastructure, as part of the evolution of enterprise companies and research institutions
  • Helping institutions ensure access to the most optimised compute for their applications by choosing the right infrastructure options.

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