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Dr Lucy Bricheno

Senior Ocean Modeller
National Oceanography Centre (Confirmed)

Lucy Bricheno is an senior coastal scientist, based at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Liverpool. After studying for a 4-year masters in Oceanography at Southampton, Lucy completed her PhD at Imperial College London, working in the Applied Modelling & Computation Group. She worked as a post-doc first in Reading, and then Oxford University before taking-up her role at the NOC in 2010. Her work covers atmosphere, ocean and wave modelling focused on the science of physical interactions and coupling. Lucy uses UK HPC facilities to support ocean sciences for the UK Government, local, and international partners. In ESPA Deltas she built a new model of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta to investigate tidal flows, and salt intrusion in the Bangladesh delta. This unstructured mesh model based on the Finite Volume Coastal Ocean model won the 2015 Impact award from the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre and is already responsible for four high impact publications.

  • Using ARCHER super-computing service to model the Ganges river delta in order to understand how water levels and salinity could be affected by climate change
  • Examining the process of developing an integrated model which could take into human factors into account alongside those of the physical environment
  • Illustrating the benefits of simulation to researchers examining the future of level, salinity and make up of river channels in the delta