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What does the HPC & Big Data conference entail?

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What does the HPC & Big Data conference entail?


Delivered by the UK’s leading speakers within the technology sector, the HPC & Big Data conference presents a tightly packed agenda exploring the key areas of computational research throughout the public and private sector.

Delving deep into the latest technological advancements of HPC & Big Data, delegates will gain the opportunity to meet face to face with a strong audience of senior decision makers and budget holders. Innovations in exascale computing, artificial intelligence, upcycling, infrastructure components plus many more topics such as policy and real life applications will brought to the forefront of discussion. Kick-starting the day’s agenda Alison Kennedy, Director of the STFC Hartree Centre will introduce delegates to the streamed programme with her opening remarks as Chair.

Daniel Zeichner MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics, will explore the big opportunities that Big Data entails where he will discuss what measures the government can do to promote better policy on data analytics through informing and empowering the public. The discussion of how exploiting HPC can change the way Neurosurgeons will operate in the future guaranteeing improved outcomes for patients will be conveyed by Professor Peter Coveney during his morning session who will also introduce ARCHER, the next generation of HPC and how an upgrade of HemeLB-code can make the best use of ARCHER.

Monitoring and harnessing Big Data by The European Space Agency to create AI tools will be revealed by Dr Redouane Boumghar, Research Fellow in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence during his afternoon session. Dr Redouane will deliver how he manages a continual flow of satellite data to monitor crafts’ status and behaviour in real time identifying anomalies occurring as well as using machines learning, and embedding AI for early detection of changes in mission behaviour which in turn provides streamlined feedback to operators.

Committing to deliver a multitude of benefits to its attendees, delegates face the opportunity to learn how identifying future trends can ensure business property, how the UK has solidified its place in the world-wide HPC field and also gain insights into practical applications of HPC to underpin research in environmental change, engineering and cosmology.

The HPC and Big Data conference provides endless opportunities of networking for exhibitors and delegates to generate new business leads, create new industry connections and deliver proven ROI.  “The HPC and Big Data conference was a very interesting and informative event,” quoted a Northumbria University, Configuration Analyst who previously attended the conference.

Whether you’re an IT specialist, work within central government, researcher will be able to learn first-hand about new products launched consequently to develop an indestructible infrastructure. Register your place here to attend the HPC & Big Data conference held at the Victoria Park Plaza, London on Tuesday 6th February 2018.