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Fujitsu launches Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC

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Fujitsu launches Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC

Fujitsu has launched its new Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC solution. The Integrated System enables consumers to run accelerated computing on increasing amounts of unstructured data by leveraging HPC infrastructures in order to sustain high performance data analytics (HPDA).

HPDA derives from the cohesion of big data and HPC in order to run accelerated computing on data intensive workloads. Fujitsu’s cutting edge technologies not only enables customers to make vital decisions, promote product innovations, speed up research and development, but also reduces the time to market retaining a competitive edge.

The PRIMEFLEX reference model provides low-risk access to HPDA performance benefits and significant cost savings whilst consumers can gain access to existing physical or virtual HPC infrastructure for specific HPDA workloads. The assemblage of Data Analytics showcases the value of vast datasets and the growing accessibility of HPC infrastructure unlocking the advantages of HPDA.

Designed for operational and workflow related demands PRIMEFLEX for HPC cluster solutions also address workgroup-sized configurations up to divisional-sized HPC cluster domains. The contemporary Integrated System brings a multitude of benefits to consumers providing pre-installed systems to run optimised with applications, intuitive end-user environments with pre-built workflow packages and overall lower investment costs.

The innovative developments taken place in HPC over the years has been successful due to the extensive research that Fujitsu provides. The new integrated system provides a complete solution that will continue to provide a pre-tested, integrated solution guiding all of its customers to select the ideal configuration based on the size of their dataset.

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